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It’s all in the detail for Decoda

25 Nov 2020

Decoda came into KAPOW in 2019 and finished in April 2020.

While he was here he obtained his learners licence, First Aid and CPR certificate as well as his certificate III in retail.

Throughout the program, after a nervous start, Decoda became a keen contributor to classroom discussion and participated in activities outside the classroom including P.T sessions.

After finishing KAPOW, Decoda was keen to start work rather than receive a benefit.

When a position came up with “The Little Upholstery Shop” I discussed this with Decoda, His consultant Gemma says. He knew nothing about this type of work but was happy to give it a go.

The employer was impressed with Decoda’s attitude after a trial and he commenced employment as a part time Upholstery assistant.

Cheryl is his PPS consultant and has advised that he is going great and the employer is very happy with his progress. He fits in very well within their small team.

Decoda is also very pleased, he now has his own tool kit!