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Any questions?

Am I eligible for Key Employment?

To be eligible for Key Employment you must have a permanent disability, injury or medical condition. Permanent means likely to last for 2 years or longer. This could include physical or mental health conditions.

How do I register?

Just submit an enquiry online or come in and see us. One of our friendly consultants will help to see if you are eligible and walk you through the process.

Can I get help if I’m already working, but might lose my job because of a disability?

Yes, you can get assistance through our Job in Jeopardy (JIJ) program, there is no need for any formal assessment just documented medical evidence and you can access the same support as everyone else, including support at work and referrals to appropriate services.

What is the wage subsidy for?

The Wage Subsidies offer financial assistance to encourage employers to provide ongoing sustainable employment, the wage subsidy is available for eligible jobseekers in most casual and fulltime roles including traineeships and apprenticeships.

What happens if I don’t attend an appointment?

If you are unable to attend, or miss your appointment, you must contact us as soon as possible and another appointment will be arranged for you. If you do not attend your appointment, your payments may be stopped until you attend another appointment.

I’m on DSP – will this be affected if I register?

No, if you are under 35 years of age and were granted the DSP between January 2008 and December 2011 it is more than likely that you will be required to register with a DES Service.

How much can I earn before it affects my pension (DSP)?

In regards to the DSP you will only lose your payment in a pro rata method. In any given fortnight every dollar earned over $160 will result in a 50 cent reduction. Therefore if you earn $170 in a fortnight, your payment will reduce by $5. Payment reductions can vary based on working credits and also partnered DSP recipients. Please use this income test for pensions.

What commitment do I have to make?

This will always depend on the benefit in which a client receives. Some jobseekers carry requirements to attend appointments in order to receive their benefit and others do not. However, any jobseeker registered with KE needs to be able to commit to attend fortnightly appointments with their consultant.

Does Key Employment help with training/courses?

Yes. Key Employment has an RTO (registered training organisation) called Training @ KEY located in the same building as Key Employment. Training @ KEY have accredited courses such as: Cert II Business, Cert II Retail, Cert IV Frontline Management and many more. Non Accredited courses like Personal Development, Get Fit, Driver Knowledge Training, Self Defence, Art Therapy, Introduction to Computers are also available to help you upskill and find employment. Please click on our training section for more information.

What is the wage subsidy for?

The wage subsidies offer financial assistance to encourage employers to provide ongoing sustainable employment. The wage subsidy is available for eligible jobseekers in most casual and full-time roles, including traineeships and apprenticeships.

Will I get support if I get a job?

Yes you will. Once you start your job, so does our on-the-job support. Key Employment provides regular (weekly, fortnightly or as needed) post placement support to help make sure both you and your employer are happy with the way things are going.

Can Key Employment assist with work clothes?

Yes. Key Employment may assist with the purchase of work clothes and necessary PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) where required to ensure you start your new job confidently.

I don’t feel ready for work. Can you still help?

Yes. Your Employment Consultant will work closely with you to help you address and overcome any barriers to employment prior to looking for work. Support may include referral to other helpful community organisations or services, referral to counselling services, support to maintain health care programs, assistance with training and skills development, and work experience activities.

Do I have to be receiving a Centrelink benefit to be eligible?

No, to be eligible for KE you simply need to have a recognised disability or barrier to employment and be willing to provide medical evidence before you can commence.