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KAPOW Program changes lives…

16 Mar 2021

A post from a Clients Mum, she Ok’d us to share it. Well worth a read.
I am a beyond proud mum today. My boy that has honestly had the hardest run at this thing called life, has finally got something to look forward to. My boy has really struggled and been through more than any child should. The schooling system has let us down, the mental health system has let us down over an over. It has been so hard to keep going at times.
BUT with full determination/resilience he recently completed a Cert 3 with the help of an amazing woman Gemma at Key Employment’s (KAPOW program), along side that program he has volunteered at the local mechanics Belmech for 6 months and recently was offered a traineeship.
Sending him off today brought up so many emotions, but proud came to the top of the feelings. He has always loved pulling apart engines, his wonderful brain that is wired differently to to us neurotypicals is fascinating and still blows me away. Just because a child can not attend school does not mean they are smart in many other ways.
So today he starts part time at Belmech and I know this is going to change his life and bring all the good things he has wanted for so long. Today is one of the best days for him and I.
I wanna thank George and all the boys in the workshop for giving him this opportunity and taking him under there wing. I wanna thank Gemma at the KAPOW program. I also want to thank the few friends that stuck with me during these past effin hard 7 yrs, to the ones that have not judged and tried so
hard to understand something they can not see, to the friends that instead of making an uneducated diagnosis of what they believe autism is, I thank you.