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Any questions?

How will KAPOW be different from school?

KAPOW is an adult training environment. You call your trainers by their first name and there is no uniform. The whole KAPOW program is built on developing trust and showing respect. We respect you from day one and we believe you can succeed and want to help you get there.

You will receive lots of one on one learning support if you require it. Class sizes are much smaller than a school classroom (maximum of 15 students). All classwork is very practical and everything you do will be geared towards getting you ready for employment.

There are no class bells; you will be given a time table with all of your units and subjects on it. You need to attend class 2 days a week and will be placed in a work experience placement in a business for 2 days a week.

Parents should consider that as this is an adult learning environment supervision is not offered during lunchtime, before and after class and on breaks. If this is a concern for you, please discuss with us during enrolment.

If I leave school to join KAPOW will my parent’s family tax benefit be affected?

As KAPOW is a Year 12 equivalent course, once you are registered and enrolled, your parents will remain eligible for the same family tax benefits they currently receive, as long as you attend and remain enrolled in KAPOW. If you are receiving youth allowance, you will remain eligible and be receiving youth allowance as a student of KAPOW.

What if I have trouble with transport?

We understand access to transport can be an issue for some students. As you are enrolling in a full-time course, we are able to assist you to apply for a half price travel concession card and all of our training venues are located within walking distance of bus stops. If you ever get really stuck your consultant can transport you to and from the course.

Where is KAPOW held?

KAPOW courses are run out of Training at Key, which is located on level 2 at 43 Gordon Street, right opposite the Olympic Pool in Coffs Harbour. Our courses in Grafton, Yamba, Nambucca and Kempsey run from the Key Employment premises in each of those towns, and our Bellingen course runs from the Bellingen Youth Centre. Wherever you are we will help you find us!

How do I know if KAPOW is right for me?

If your answer to one or more of the following questions is YES, then the KAPOW program may be exactly right for you…

  • Are you under 18 years old and not going to school?
  • Do you often miss days of school?
  • Are you often suspended from school?
  • Do you use drugs and alcohol regularly?
  • Do you struggle with reading and writing?
  • Do you have anxiety or depression?
  • Are you bullied at school or are you yourself a bully?
  • Do you get into fights with other kids and teachers often?
  • Are you linked with Headspace, the school counsellor or the mental health unit?