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“I think they are doing a great job. They are providing for my needs and they are there to help us. It’s nice to have some support without feeling afraid; they are very reassuring. I feel looked after and respected, and they allow support, but don’t take away your dignity.”


“Key Employment has changed my life by getting me a job and helping me start my career. They check on my progress regularly and are always there to offer support if I need it.”


“Key Employment has helped me out a lot. I’m not as shy now and Key has helped me get a job and I’m more confident.”


“Key Employment are helping me get my driving licence by providing free driving lessons to help me along the way.”


“Key contact me or the boss regularly and make sure I don’t need anything to maintain my job.”


“Now I don’t think I am below anybody. I feel different from what I used to believe. I am treated like an equal individual and my opinions are listened to with respect and courtesy.”


“Before becoming a client of Key Employment I had tried to get a job part time. My friends were all getting jobs, but I wasn’t able to get one. I also found trying to apply for jobs on the internet hard because I am dyslexic. Thanks to Key Employment I am now employed as a kitchen hand.”

Jasmyn W

“If it wasn’t for Key Employment I wouldn’t have the job I have now. I would not have had the confidence to apply for the job I did or do well in the interviews if it wasn’t for them. Key Employment isn’t scary! Just sign up with them and they will help you find a full-time or part-time job.”