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“My son is loving the KAPOW program. He said the whole group is really close and supportive of one another and he’s finding the Business course really interesting and relevant to what he wants to do with his life! That means so much to me, thanks Key Employment.”


Shaun, 18

“It’s a great place to be to make great friendships and get along with everyone. They have a good laugh and make it fun. The teachers are chilled and not as strict. They treat us with respect and like adults.”

Coffs Harbour

Shakur, 16

“I like KAPOW a lot because it’s good to learn new things and gain knowledge. It’s also good because you make friends with the trainers and other kids.”

Coffs Harbour

Brandon, 16

“I like KAPOW cause the trainers are bloody great and helpful. Looking forward to getting a job.”

Coffs Harbour

Kurtis, 16

“Key is fun! The trainers are awesome. I’m keen to get a job.”

Coffs Harbour

Faith, 15

“I like Key Employment because it helps you with your job seeking and career. The trainers are very helpful with all of it. It is a lot better than school and I’m looking forward to getting my career sorted.”

Coffs Harbour

Zani, 16

“I like KAPOW because I can do the work well and the trainers are accepting. It is better than school and is helping get me a job.”

Coffs Harbour